USB overload error, multiple error codes on PM5

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USB overload error, multiple error codes on PM5

Post by space93 » February 6th, 2024, 8:26 am

Hi all, my c2 is now giving me an constant "USB overload error" despite there being no USB device being plugged into the PM5. I also get loads of error codes when the monitor powers up (I can't seem to be able to upload a picture here to show this).

c2 customer service have said to take the batteries out for 15mins, insert new ones and see what happens. This hasn't worked. I've also tried using the reset button but to no avail.

Before I have to take the plunge and spend £160 on a new PM5, does anyone have any suggestions/experience?

It's quite frustrating that this has just started happening now after working absoluely fine before - I haven't ever used the USB port or sprayed cleaner on the PM5, etc.

It's a Model D (2021) with PM5, brand new D batteries and the firmware is all up to date.

Many thanks in advance!

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