Losing a few pounds - especially stop-start 'mature' ergers

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Re: Losing a few pounds - especially stop-start 'mature' ergers

Post by GlennUk » February 28th, 2023, 8:57 am

FWIW, i'm a 'small' heavyweight with saome 'soft muscle' which id rather not carry up and down the rail, there is no point in moving that few extra kgs, and whilst those inclined to 'sprints' such as the 2k up to HM, my preferred disciplines tend to longer rows where every 'kilo' counts imho. I would add, that the measuring tape is more honest than the scales after a point.

On balance i am not convinced that exercise alone generally is good at weight loss, diet control is however, especially when combined with exercise.

To put context on my comments, i have spent the last three years since May 2020 erging for a total of about just under 6,.5m metres since then, not the biggest number but i would say reasonable. When i don't control what goes in my mouth foodwise, i don't lose weight, and possibly put it on despite the erging.

So FWIW be honest with yourself about what you eat, count everyhitng, even the butter on your bread, if you're not shedding the soft muscle, however you measure it.


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