British Record dates incorrect on Concept 2 uk site

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British Record dates incorrect on Concept 2 uk site

Post by le grand fromage » February 16th, 2023, 12:16 pm

Ladies and gents,
I've noticed on the UK Concept 2 website that some of the year dates attributed to the corresponding British record are incorrect.

I've alerted, 'Dan' has been my contact.

On checking my current British records I found some still have the correct year but 5 didn't.

I've also notice Andy Ripley's 6:07.7 2k has 2014 against it, since he passed in 2010 the great man is still writing the record books! I've alerted concept that I think he set that record in 2005 unless anyone knows differently.

William Wrights 65-69 2k is also down as being set in 2014 whereas I have it as 2011.

If anyone has any different dates to these could you let me know and I'll pass them on.

And if any of yours are incorrect, let Concept 2 UK know on the above email address.

Best of luck to those competing in Toronto and the Crash B's, enjoy.
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