What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

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What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by jonib » December 4th, 2020, 10:01 am

I am only 5'1" tall, which often creates issues when I use standard size equipment that is geared toward taller people (taller meaning most everyone else!). Could those with personal knowledge, whether from corporate or from active users, please guide me as to which model is the best for me to purchase. Many thanks.

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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by MPx » December 4th, 2020, 7:54 pm

There's no difference in any of the C2 models with regards to any being more suitable for people of different heights. As a shorter person, you are not ideally built for the rowing machine if you aspire to competition. Basically where you might have an advantage as a jockey or racing driver, giants have an advantage with rowing and basketball. But the machine itself will be completely accessible to you and the standard rowing form will work just as well for you as anyone else and you'll be able to become a much fitter version of yourself. If you only want to do it to set world records, I suspect you'll be disappointed but otherwise, fill your boots and we'll all encourage you as much as we can.

Of the C2 ergs currently available most people have the model D. The model E is very similar - but it stands higher off the ground (useful if you find standing up from low down an issue), the monitor arm is fixed, and overall the machine is a little more robust ... and 15% more expensive. Not worth the extra for most people but no reason to turn one down if offered. The models A, B and C have been out of manufacture for many years. A well looked after model C is pretty much as good as a D but at least 15 years old. Bs really are getting long in the tooth now 25+years ? and As even older. There's also been 6 generations of Performance Monitor. You really want to get the latest PM5 if possible as its the easiest to make work with your phone/apps/HR belt/etc, but in fact there's been some sort of connectivity right back from the third generation PM2+ days and everything newer just gets easier/better.
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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by jamesg » December 5th, 2020, 3:02 am

The C2 rowers let us adjust drag, which controls the speed of the flywheel at the catch. There are no limitations to stroke length or rating. This means users of any sex, height, weight, strength or age can be successful, so long as we learn how it's done.

The C2 bikeerg might be easier to use, technically. It has the same drag control system. It takes up a lot less space, but is not so full-body. I don't know if crank length can be adjusted; or even if this might be needed or not.

Successful means you can get/stay fit by using standard rowing style that engages the legs. Even just 3-4 days a week, 30 minutes a day, at up to 1.5 (F) or 2 (M) W/kg Power level; similar on the bike.

Severe overweight can be a limitation with the rowing action, but being seated, perhaps less so than in other forms of full-body exercise.
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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by rcady » December 8th, 2020, 8:22 am

Hi jonib,

I am under 5' and have the Model D. As stated by MPx I do find it difficult to get anywhere near some of the times other folks post - however, I still enjoy rowing. I have had the rower for around a year and am so glad I purchased it. I did look at the model E, but after discussing at length with customer service (who are fantastic by the way) - chose the D. I still work on my form and hope to continue to improve.


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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by Serena » December 19th, 2020, 5:57 pm

I'm similar height, 5'2", and agree that most machines just don't work for us shorties! But the rower really does. You'll be happy with any model, they will all work for your height.

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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by Adekt » April 19th, 2021, 7:14 pm

60” here. Just got my D April 1st. Been trying figure out how to leverage this machine. Anyway, happy to report I fit just fine, at least in my TALL mind.

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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by alharris » December 12th, 2021, 4:58 pm

Just wanted to pop in to say I'm 5" 2 1/2" (62.5 in) and have been using the C2 Model D for about 8 months without issue or difficulty. I'm not an athlete nor even particularly fit, and sometimes I fail to row for weeks at a time. But when I do record workouts in the C2 online logbook and check the rankings for my middle-aged age group, I tend to end up in the middle percentiles -- which suggests to me that a short rower can do perfectly well on any of the Concept2 models.

Being short is reportedly an impediment at competitive levels, but for hobbyists and people interested in general fitness, it doesn't seem to hurt. It's sure easier to use a rower -- which is pretty much sit-and-start-pulling -- than try to adjust stationary bike seats at the gym!

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Re: What is best Model to purchase for a Short Person

Post by Ombrax » January 2nd, 2022, 6:46 pm

The vast majority of us are just competing against ourselves, in which case it don't matter if you're 5' or 6' 6" tall.

And unlike, say, bicycles, where the item itself needs to be built to suit the user, just about anyone can use the same rower.

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