What the point to rank not verified results for challenges?

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Re: What the point to rank not verified results for challeng

Post by hjs » April 3rd, 2017, 1:26 am

Carl Watts wrote:Use your brain, you can separate out having to have only verified meters for one or even all the challenges.

Really your in the dark ages if your not using the concept 2 utility to upload, RowPro to upload or all the other options like ErgData to give you a verified result so why not dump the manual meters completely ?

Sorry but the only people that would really object to a verification process are the cheats.

The annual meters board doesn't really worry me these days, neither does the rankings as now you can sort by "verified only" rows so I simply remove everything thats not verified.

The problem is the challenges, they are a joke.
I have yet to meet one persone who gives a hood about challenges. If there is one thing these dats that means nothing its those in general.
If you cared about the rankings I could say, ok you have a point, but even those are very far from complete. Few people bother to rank anyhow.

Ergdate updates every row individual, I don,t want that, I log a rowingday at once, I don,t want 25 plus entries per week. Its my personal logging file, you are free to log yours anyway you want them.

Also don,t see the point why you bother to post here, you only complain and talk about stuff nobody is interested in. We care about own work, not about what others do or don,t.

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Re: What the point to rank not verified results for challeng

Post by Citroen » April 3rd, 2017, 3:25 am

Time to lock this thread, we're into the circular arguments that emerge every time Carl gets on his high horse about verified vs non-verified rows.

If that troubles you, then bombard rowing@concept2.com with your complaints. Posting on here is just noise and won't make any difference to a, slightly faulty, system that can't change while folks are still using PM1 and PM2/PM2+ monitors.