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David Hart
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NARC Rules Update

Post by David Hart » April 11th, 2008, 12:08 pm


A few people have been asking about late entries for teams for the NARC. The deadline for both teams and members was originally planned March 28th. However, an error meant entry reopened temporarily at the start of April for a few days. We apologise for this, and we’ve closed the loophole for future events.

We’ve also been asked lately as to why virtual team members are not eligible for prizes during this challenge.

NARC was established to encourage rowing in physical clubs such as gyms, YMCAs, and corporate fitness centers. This challenge specifically awards rowers in this category. Concept2 encourages all rowers to participate, however, and starting last year allows results to be posted from virtual rowing teams. The January Virtual Team Rowing Challenge is specifically designed for virtual teams to compete against all clubs.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Please let us know if you have any others by either posting here or email us at


David Hart

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NARC Details

Post by Terry » April 17th, 2008, 12:31 am

My understanding of the challenge details, were that all rowers had to be signed up by March 31st to qualify for the challenge. It seemed to me throughout the challenge that many rowers were added right up until today it appears (April 16th).

I had personal goals that I set for myself, that as of midnight April 15th had been met or so I thought – however I’ve noticed tonight that the numbers had changed drastically – as some certainly stand out (congratulations to them by the way - wow on those numbers) – and my own goals crushed.

I think this is a fabulous creation that Concept 2 has going – it really has made my erg purchase more than worth it. Since joining the AWL team, I feel connected even though it is virtual and pushed even harder to do more than I thought I would have only having started rowing in February. Having the ability to set goals whether it is on a team or in individual rankings certainly is motivating.

I feel I’m being competitive with these inquiries; however there are obviously others that are competitive just looking at the top rowers in this challenge. But really, how stringent (fair) are the rules surrounding these competitions? Being a new rower I was pushing my own limits to meet my goals, so this was disappointing to discover. Is it a different time zone from Ontario Canada perhaps where the administrators are in this North American Challenge?

This would be helpful for future challenges.


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