2000m Concept2 Interactive Programme reborn!

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2000m Concept2 Interactive Programme reborn!

Post by FabriceRowing » December 31st, 2023, 12:51 pm

Hello fellow erg enthusiasts,

I am a newcomer to the world of ergs but eager to learn and improve.

I have diligently delved into the "Concept2 Training Guide" by Terry O'Neill, Celia Atkinson, and Keith Atkinson, along with numerous discussions within this forum, to gain a comprehensive understanding of SPM, heart rate zones, power zones, and the relationship between pace and power.

I understand that there once existed a page that provided a calculated version of the "2000m interactive programme" from the book, but it has been unavailable for several years.

To aid my comprehension of the underlying principles and distinctions between the "fitness programme," "2000m original programme," and "2000m interactive programme," I have created a simple page that generates tables, heart rate zones, power zones, and other relevant data based on your age, maximum heart rate, 2000m rowing performance, weeks, and sessions.

You can test this page here: https://www.superphysique.org/indoor-rowing/

Please note that the page has been streamlined to minimize the risk of copyright infringement.

As I had never encountered the original page, I solely relied on the Concept2 Training Guide, with the exception of power zone percentages (and their associated paces), which were obtained from this forum.

The results appear quite "impressive", even though they may seem slightly "old school" compared to the plethora of modern apps that offer similar functionalities.

However, I do have some questions regarding stroke rate (SPM).

On page 5.15 of the Training Guide, the recommended SPM for "TR" is listed as 30-34 (instead of 30-32), while "AN" is recommended at 36+ (instead of 32+). These values seem somewhat elevated in comparison to SPM recommendations for other programmes? Could this be a printing error?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights, and let me know if I have overlooked anything.

Happy new year!


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