Logbook Feature Request - "Best Efforts"

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Logbook Feature Request - "Best Efforts"

Post by timoteus » May 28th, 2024, 1:45 pm

In Logbook ...
- "Ranked Workouts" shows me my best efforts from the current season, or from a single selected earlier season
- "History" > "Lifetime Bests" shows me my all-time best efforts

Both of these views work great, and provide very interesting data.

However, have you seen "Best Efforts" in Strava? It allows me to choose a specific event - say 10K run - and then lets me see:
- 5 best efforts PER YEAR for this selected distance
- A graph of this same data, where it is easy to see how my efforts are trending from year to year
- A separate "Your Top 10" view

I'm not asking Logbook to have an EXACT copy of this functionality. However, the idea would be to have the ability to see how one is trending in a specific/chosen event. Since I'm getting older and older - aren't we all... :lol: - I might no more be able to beat my lifetime bests, but it would be very interesting to EASILY see how I'm doing compared to how I was doing last season, or perhaps 5 years ago.

Would anyone else appreciate this type of functionality? B)

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Re: Logbook Feature Request - "Best Efforts"

Post by MPx » May 28th, 2024, 5:59 pm

Sounds like a suggestion to put to C2 rather than this forum if you want them to see it. Try info@concept2.com
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