PM5 overplotting issue

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PM5 overplotting issue

Post by Blairc » June 8th, 2021, 4:18 pm

After I connect my heart rate monitor there is an over plotting issue where two lines of text are on the same line. Very minor, does not affect anything important.

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Re: PM5 overplotting issue

Post by mict450 » June 9th, 2021, 1:16 am

That occasionally pops up on my screen too. A trivial inconvenience. My firmware is up-to-date.
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Re: PM5 overplotting issue

Post by Tsnor » June 14th, 2021, 8:17 pm

Oddly, this is *NOT* the right place to report bugs. Instead send a note to

For the HR disconnected/connected message overlay based on a note exchange from December they now can repro this problem and are looking to get a fix into the next release. Cosmetic problem only.


Here is the photo and steps to repro. AFAIK there are no problems at all other than the text being overlayed in the display.

1. Ergdata on android (kindle) set up to auto connect to PM5 via bluetooth
2. Heart rate monitor data stored in Ergdata for automatic connection.
3. Heart rate monitor active
4. Ergdata off
4. PM5 off

1. Turn on PM5 with menu button
2. Hit button on PM5 to get to connect menu. Connect menu will show "ready for connection" and Heart Rate Monitor disconnected.
3. Start Ergdata on android (kindle)
4. <ergdata will connect to PM5> Ergdata shows PM5 connected. PM5 connect panel shows Ergdata connected. HRM is still shown as disconnected.
5. <HRM info in Ergdata allows PM5 to discover and connect to the HRM> PM5 connect panel now shows HRM status as "Connected" overlaying "disconnected". Both texts are visible overlaying each other.
6. All HRM function works. All PM5 and Ergdata function works. If I clear the screen (ex, hit menu button to get to main menu and then hit connect button to return to connect panel) then the HRM shows correctly as "connected".

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