Data inaccuracy PM3??!!

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Data inaccuracy PM3??!!

Post by LizzB » May 3rd, 2024, 5:57 am

My first post (be kind!).

So I’ve rowed on and off for many years; ex army (still serving but different service now) and it was always an easy go-to for me wherever I was.

Never took much notice of anything with phys - weights, times etc, just pushed hard and did my best.

I’m coming back to fitness after a long time off but finding that I’m stronger and faster than I expected to be in many sports. Recently climbed Kilimanjaro with minimal training and found it easy and enjoyable.

I have an old rower with a PM3 but last night rowed 1:29/500m meaning my 5000m was sub 15 mins.

I logged this (first time!) and found that makes me current fastest in the world 😂

What is wrong with my rower and how do I fix it?! Thanks!

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Re: Data inaccuracy PM3??!!

Post by Citroen » May 3rd, 2024, 12:15 pm

The PM3 has changed from a PM3 to a model C from a model D (or from a model D to a model C).
You need to reset it by a hidden menu.

Main menu --> More options --> Utilities --> LCD contrast
Once your on the LCD Contrast menu press [CHANGE UNITS] three times, then press [CHANGE DISPLAY] three times.
That brings up the hidden menu where you can set the model of rower.
Set that to the model your PM3 is attached to.
Row as normal.

Full details here: ... stuck-zero

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Re: Data inaccuracy PM3??!!

Post by Carl Watts » May 4th, 2024, 1:07 am

Rower is set to the wrong model of Concept 2 rower or else you have one of the 1st Gen PM3 monitors that eventually gets corrosion in the TACH input in the Op-Amp area and it can cause erroneous data.

What firmware version do you have on the product ID screen ?
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