Sensor wire damaged Model E -PM5

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Sensor wire damaged Model E -PM5

Post by Paladini09 » March 30th, 2024, 2:27 pm

I have read through a few posts but I’m still a bit confused.
just bought a model E with PM5 in mint condition all works lovely mechanically wise but I just got it back home and set it up and it says ‘the sensor wire is damaged’
The cable looks perfect from the bit I can see and the PM5 is new apparently.
It registers all the data correctly and my times and distances seem exactly how I’d expect them to be.
My questions are (I’m a noob as well bare in mind)
1.what does the wire actually do ? I’m presuming it sends power to the pm5 like a dyno ? Is there anything else though ?
2.ive looked at possible solutions and replacing the power generator assembly seems to alleviate a lot of the pain it is it easy to install ? I’m good with fixing stuff as long as I know what I’m looking at. it worth the 70 mile round trip to take it back (it is in mint condition and everything else feels lovely)

Any help would be immensely appreciated!


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Re: Sensor wire damaged Model E -PM5

Post by nickfreeman123 » March 31st, 2024, 7:28 am

Watching this too as I have a similar problem.

I’m confused as to whether or not I need to purchase the “power generator assembly” or the “sensor coil”. There’s a £1 difference in them and the replacement video looks the same! ... 1711880446

Any help would be appreciated.

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