slides and races

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slides and races

Post by Justyna » March 1st, 2024, 3:22 pm

Hi everyone,
my club bought some C2 slides and wants to organize some team racing. How do you sum up a team's result and compare it with other teams? do you use any software? Any thoughts, ideas?

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Re: slides and races

Post by jamesg » March 2nd, 2024, 4:54 am

Slides or not, start by summing for each crew what the single PMs show: time, distance or average Watts. Using Watts can help adjust for weight, if needed.

if you don't have enough ergs and slides to race all together, keep it blind, so that a crew doesn't know what others have done.

C2 suggests slides as crews are for coaching, not racing: ... ies/slides
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