Good experience using the EndureRow seat!

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Re: Good experience using the EndureRow seat!

Post by ssmith1187 » January 17th, 2024, 1:16 pm

Does anyone know what happened to EndureRow?

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Re: Good experience using the EndureRow seat!

Post by jackarabit » January 17th, 2024, 3:50 pm

Had mine since late 2017 (>18MM meters lifetime—estimate roughly 12 million of which done on the EndureRow). I occasionally add a Sore*No*More silicone pad on top of the EndureRow to bridge the relief hole topography. Oddly my wife likes the seat but hates the pad. She also gets on fine with the stock model D seat.

Sitzbone span is typically greater in women than in men which makes me think that the one-size-fits-all center to center distance of the ER’s relief holes may not be optimal for my skinny butt. Or my wife may belong to the tough-it-out faction? Or her lack of exposure to HM to FM seat time may have made her choices less critical?

I think a custom seat with bespoke (made to measure) sitzbone accomodation would be nice but obviously prohibitively expensive to produce and market. Inclusion of relief holes that mimic the design of traditional seat tops for sliding seat boats remains a starting point for a comfortable rowing machine seat imo. I believe Concept 2 chose to economize with the change from the model B to the C,D, and Rowerg seat. Obviously the better mousetrap promised by the aftermarket EndureRow is just the old mousetrap revisited.
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Re: Good experience using the EndureRow seat!

Post by Nancy Nofun » February 13th, 2024, 6:11 pm

I bought mine a few years ago. I too had a Model B erg many years ago that I replaced with a Model D. The Model D seat reliably gave me the painful abrasion above the sit bone which I refered to as "Rowed Rash" on longer rows. The EndureRow seat immediately and completely eliminated that problem, thanks to the cut-away (as nature intended) at the back of the seat. I wanted to recommend the seat to someone who just bought a C2 Model D, but the seat appears to be no longer available online. Does anyone know if they went out of business?

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