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by x7virus
March 20th, 2024, 4:18 am
Forum: Concept2 SkiErg
Topic: Skierg noises after 1 year of use
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Skierg noises after 1 year of use

Hello people one of the skiers started making weird noises , i opened the side panel and checked where it comes from but i have no idea how to fix it :)
by x7virus
February 20th, 2024, 8:36 am
Forum: Feature/Function Requests
Topic: Concept 2 utility
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Concept 2 utility

cannot install the software on any of the usb-s, i tried formating the format they said, converted to mbr, gpt etc, i tried usb 3.0 2.0 none seems to work. (PM5) Can someone help me how can i fix the issue of incopatible usb-s?
by x7virus
January 20th, 2023, 3:59 pm
Forum: Concept2 BikeErg
Topic: Pedal issue on 6 new bikes
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Pedal issue on 6 new bikes

Hello i bought 6 bikerrgs and all have the same issues, what could be it ? :shock: